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Mar. 18th, 2006 | 12:22 pm

Let me be the one to breathe this tyme..We're all kandy-koated on the outside. A dream without a wish, a smile without a price, what about manipulation! Smothered in deceit, these scars will eventually fade, but for now I'll take a deep breath and ponder the past.  The world is just too typikal, My will is just too strong. I changed for the better, why do I miss what made me worst? Maybe I'm just entwining myself in spiderwebs of dekay...maybe the truth is I liked it that way. Choke on that swelling, we all know the lies..noone gets out alive..everyone fuckin dies<3 From disasters to dreams to lost hope again, maybe it's a part of lyfe, but I'm a long ways from home. I wanna crush your ego the way they crushed myne. Wipe away those tears..noone can save you from urself. It's survival of the fittest, only the strong survive<3 Maybe I should tell you just how much I love to see you cry. The rain is falling..and so are you.  Certain cirumstances ask for pain.  Rage, Hate, spit out what you dispise...it will always find it's way back inside again. Is it so wrong to say I want to rip out your still beating heart just so I can say it's myne? Maybe I'm just a fiend for everything I culd never have. A pill to cause a smile, an effekt of total bliss...Maybe I should just be a junkie.<3.  I sure do know how to spit out those lies. A look of deceit, a touch of lost faith, here's a pinch of misery straight from my heart. I think I spoke too soon, I think you just don't get it...  I want glorified horror, I want kandy-koated pain, fairy-tales are only for my dreams. I refuse to exist until I destrukt all that you are. Fade into yesterday, Dance unto today..the stars are twinkling and they're screaming out my name. Hidden guilt, unmentionable fears, we all suffer from poor impulse control. Cover me with makeup..make me a lyttle prettier than what I pretend to be. A new face, A new heart..if only change was for amusement. Please exscuse my tolerance..I'm what you call a lyttle dysfunktional. Rejekted since birth, spoiled with fear...a life where love is everything but what it's supposed to be. Cut me with your sharpest knife..maybe you culd make me laugh. Failure stains my lips, destruktion tames my soul..close your eyes, I promise this will hurt. Wet between the thighs, Wretched in the face..I'm not your average beauty qween...I'm the most appauling creature you'll ever see.<3  And I kissed the stars then pulled the trigger...now I'm standing above silence and admiring your insides.

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