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It's more than hollywood, it's Kyra..

I seek thrill faster than a blast-beat breakdown.

You can call me pleasure-whore.
FUCK.your.SCENE. My name is Kyra NOT Kira..get it straight. I'm not as small as the models. My hair doesn't always stay in place. I love kunt-tinglez & I wanna be a gangsta'. Oneday I plan to be a porn star. I'm clumsy not elegant & sometimes I complain too much. My laugh is a little nerdy, my sentences often make no sense & sometimes I'm not as pretty as I'd lyke to be. Some days nothing goes right, Some days I'm a lyttle grumpty & at tymes I wish I was perfekt. I skream more than I admit too, My musik is always too loud & I day dream more than I lyke to face reality. I sing in the shower & dance in the rain & I obsess over barbie. Sometymes I cry, Sometymes I frown & I always make mistakes..because I'm human. On certain days I'm shallow, On certain days I'm mean, everyone has mood-swings. I envy more girls than I say & I have a major jealousy problem, but I'm not afraid to be who I was born to be. I'm stubbourn, I claim my territory,and most of all I'm a bitch because I can be, because I'm not afraid to be. I currently have 8 piercing holes in my body..2 in each ear, 1 monroe, 1 belly ring, 1 nose ring, and 1 lip ring. Breakdowns are my cure...and they make me cream my pants. If you give me hotpink or camo anything..I'll more than likely love you forever. I get overly attatched and I'm quite obsessive. I'm pretty dominant with most things in lyfe, I'm very controlling and very bossy..but it's just who I am. I have insekurities..JUST LYKE YOU. I'm proud of who I was born to be regardless of my flaws. I learn from my mistakes. I have a southern accent..maybe it's sad..but I love Mississippi/Louisiana :). I'm spoiled because my mother loves me. I'll more than likely never amount to anything..but atleast I try. I search for sekurity in places it'll never exist. I'm overrated and out of date..and I love it. I soul-search with my eyes. I dream way to much..but it's okay. I dispise emo kids more than I dispise mayonaise..now that's alot of dispising..but I'll be the first to admit a Emo guy is the hottest thing in the world..tho I'd NEVER want to deal with one. I have a never-ending love for intoxikation and marijuana. If your problems aren't affecting me or my lyfe as a whole..well then I could give a fuck less about them. I'm selfish only because it's the only way to get anywhere in my life. I'm in love, and you more than likely will never in this lyfetime be able to change that. I live by my own personal morals and theories, and I dont need society's outlook to ruin my mind and or creations. I call myself a plastik slut..plastik meaning fake, meaning synthetik..aka meaning NOT a slut. I make memories, I dont forget them. I'm always right..and I never compromise. Once you lose my trust..you more than likely won't regain it. I'm usually irrational, and a drama queen..and if you don't make me feel important than I probably will not like you. I often try to reach out and touch what's too far away. Just because I'm smaller than you..doesn't mean I cant kick your ass. I tend to be brutally honest..regardless of if I hurt your feelings. I'm a natural blonde. I lack patience. I hate being rushed. I dispise liars more than anything in this world..and in MOST cases I don't believe in second chances. I'm sekretly a hopeless romantic. I often wish I were a ninja turtle or a superhero. When I fall in love I tend to fall too hard but as you can tell everyone recovers from the past. I HATE HATE HATE frogs. This world could never break me, and you'll never pull me down. When I want something, I work my ass off until I get it..I get what I want. I hate procrastination and unorganized plans. I lyke brutal sex that looks like murder. Lyrics with meaning make me cry. I believe we were all manufaktory made. Your false god wants a piece of my ass. Laying beside my love makes me feel complete. The small things in lyfe make me smile. I'm naturalistikally fake. I write more than I talk. I love trying new things, but I hate change. If you fuck with me, you don't know what you're getting yourself into. When you piss me off my lyfe begins to revolve around ruining yours. Hate messages make me giggle. When I get butterflies in my tummy and My stomach does back flips, I tend to lose my breath. I focus to hard on the past, but I never forget of my lovely future. I'm often told I look lyke a emo-kid..but I don't think I'd fit in ANY genre..tho my LOVE for hardcore music will remain forever :) . Infatuation makes me happy. Stalkers make me smile. Breakdowns take my breath away. The only respect I will ever need is self-respekt. I may be wild, but I have my own taste of elegance and pride. I love sex a little too much, but that doesn't make me a whore..unless u wanna throw me a quarter and make me smyle? If I could have any profession in this world I would take up pro-boxing. I tend to hate higher authority. I learned nothing can effect you unless you LET it. If you aren't true to ur self expression, then don't waste your time trying to talk to me. I design my own fate. Fairytale love makes me feel bubbly. I will never fear judgement, for it doesn't have a part in my lyfe. Your failures make me happy. I own psychotic traits..just lyke the rest of the world. I am my own best friend. I don't know right from wrong, I only know what I feel. I'm the unexplainable. I love pushing buttons, and I like dancing in bubbles. Attention makes me love the world. I have my own taste of glamour. I more than likely envy you. I complain alot..but I don't care. Noone could ever manipulate me to the extent of suicide. I am a stronger person than you will ever know. The world will never know the destruktion I am capable of. I am my own species. Humans are a disgust. Tragedy makes the world go round. I smell lyke cotton candy..and I use the word kunt too much. I'm candy koated in my own personal perspektion. I always get revenge. Lyfe is to short to not put yourself first. I'm Kyra, nothing less, nothing more..I either lyke you or I don't..you'll learn to deal with it lyke the rest of the world. If you have a problem with who I am then deal with it on your own tyme...not mine.
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