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Jul. 16th, 2007 | 11:14 pm

I've gotten into another writing mood and my writing always sucks but i posted anyway.<3

Skin a little pale.
Heart a little cruel.
She's not your average diamond.
But she's still a pretty jewel.
With a face a little angry.
And language a little obscene.
She's far from perfection.
But she's still a perfect queen.
Sell your bullshit lies to another pretty face.
Because this obscene bitch has more expensive taste.
Morals stand so boldly.
Lies make the world go round.
She's marked with stars of inspiration.
And a note to mark her sound.
Call her pefect.
Call her fake.
What you receive.
Is what you make.
Hypocrits she hates.
But Hypocritical she'll remain.
Just to be in control.
Just to be somewhat sane.
She'll spit a little heartache.
She'll maybe break your face.
Mommy's little monster.
Daddy's little disgrace.
Not the average design of simplicity.
She's powered by hate.
Designing her own existence.
Designing her own fate.
Lithium every morning.
A double dose at night.
Just to make cure the anger.
Just to rid the fright.
Self-Respect is what she owns.
She'll always stand her ground.
Never sell yourself short.
Pride is what she found.
Attitude to the bone.
And passion to the core.
The little bit of nothing.
The little pleasure whore.
You're something I wish I was.
I'll watch you paint your face.
Wishing for a bit of glamour.
If only but a taste.
A wild imagination.
Intelligence to make you frown.
She'll work to elevate you.
Just enough to bring you down.
Jealous and obsessive.
Yeah that's right.
Always ready for a battle.
Always willing to fight.
Smoke and drink.
Have a little fun.
She's her own dose of insanity.
The only true one.
Eyes to cut right through you.
Words to make you break.
She spits honesty like a bullet.
More than the world can sometimes take.
She wears her temper a little boldly.
And her skirts a little short.
She's more than you'll ever know.
More than the human sort.
Elegantly Wasted, your lipstick sells the lies.
Every hero comes to a turning point.
Every legend dies.
Blast beats and madness.
Makeup && the ability to not care.
Maybe she's a little retro. 
If  you don't like it, then don't stare.
Maybe a little vulgar.
But she's everything you'll need.
Always living to destroy.
Always living to succeed.
Maybe a little vicious.
Sexist she'll always be.
She's more than the world knows.
More than you'll ever see.
A face full of metal.
Ink making marks upon her skin.
She's not afraid to speak.
She's not afraid to sin.
Crazy philosophies.
She lives her own way.
Nothing could ever describe her.
She's more than words could say.
Cut the throat of purity.
Boredom is a waste of time.
Rambling about perfection.
In a simple little rhyme.

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